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I bed Zuko was a great dad because Ozai represented not to do, and Iroh represented a great father figure…or at least a decent father.. judging from his conversation with Kiyi

But.. I also have a feeling his daughter got away with alot of stuff too. XD Imagine if she discovered the puppy-dog face? Do you really think Zuko would stand a chance against that? 

And then Mai with her no-nonsense face would be like: Zuko, stop spoiling her
And Zuko will be like: But! She’s so adorable!!!


"Grandfather, I thought you were a Pai Sho master!"

screw the heartache and tears the finale will inevitably bring seriously just no

just give me uncle iroh, general iroh and fatherlord zuko having family funtimes in the spirit world okay 

is that too much to ask bryke 

Okay, this has been on the backburner for freaking months and the colours were basically throwing a hissy fit, so I had to revert to mishmashed tones and lines and stuff. After realising the finale was so close I figured if I didn’t do anything with it now, it would never see the light of day. There are probably mistakes everywhere, but that’s okay… I’ll fix them tomorrow… [and ignore that Pai Sho table I literally just threw tiles on there randomly and ran away…]

seriously i just want my three babies interacting together…hnnnnng 

Also, yes, this is indeed a Pai Showdown. Get your act together, Zuko! 


Pabu to the rescue!

"See? Pabu’s not just a one trick poodle pony."


some friendships are so strong they can even transcend lifetimes


Asami’s that kind of girlfriend…

We’re finally going home.

Essentials for the finale



- Computer
- Tissues
- A big bowl to place your shattered feels
- Life-Alert

Brace yourselves, the finale is coming…

you forgot jesus